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Key Scholar Supports Conservative Need to Take Freedom from Everyone Else

A famed conservative scholar argues that conservatives are entitled to the "freedom" to be free from others' freedom

September 05, 2012 Blog

Homophobia in the Social Media Age: Defriended Over a Same-Sex Wedding

There’s a post making the rounds on social media that I wanted to share with you, because I think we can all relate to the

September 04, 2012 Blog

Will Kohler: LGBT Delegates Should Protest Dolan’s DNC Prayer

Later this week, notoriously anti-gay Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York will offer the final blessing at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, just like he did

September 04, 2012 Blog

Tear-Jerker: Couple at Indiana Wedding Gives Gay & Lesbian Friends First Dance

If you haven’t already left your computer for the Labor Day weekend, start your holiday off right with this beautiful reminder of the goodness in

August 31, 2012 Blog

Modern Family Producer Invites Ann Romney to Officiate at Gay Wedding

So Entertainment Tonight asked First Lady wannabe Ann Romney to name her favorite TV show. And guess what? Romney, the wife of GOP presidential nominee Mitt

August 29, 2012 Blog

GOP Platform Will Be Anti-Gay After All

Yesterday, R. Clarke Cooper of the Log Cabin Republicans told BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner that the platform-drafting committee of the Republican National Committee had approved adding

August 21, 2012 Blog

Minnesota Catholics Organize to Oppose Marriage Discrimination

Minnesota voters will decide this November whether to add an amendment to that state’s constitution that would constitutionally eliminate the freedom to marry for same-sex

August 20, 2012 Blog

Bachelorette Parties at Gay Bars? No Way.

One evening earlier this week, a friend posted on Facebook about something unusual he witnessed while attending a drag show in Maine. No, it wasn’t

August 10, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Gay Man Arrested Again in Texas for Requesting a Marriage License for the Second Time

Now, who’s religious freedom and liberty are actually under attack? Where is Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee to stand up against such tyranny? Who is

August 02, 2012 Blog

Fundamentalist Christians Have ALWAYS Been The Real Victims

Just caught this on Facebook. It makes its point. [h/t Justice

August 01, 2012 Blog
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