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Maggie Gallagher

Yes, Maggie. “Monstrous.”

Maggie Gallagher is all butthurt because the editor of said this: I’ve been really understanding of Maggie Gallagher since meeting her. I may vehemently disagree with her

July 09, 2012 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Weeps

Former Prop 8 star witness David Blankenhorn announced today that his views on marriage equality have changed, and that he is no longer an opponent

June 22, 2012 Blog

Michelangelo Signorile Calls Maggie Gallagher Out On Her Verbal Duplicity

Maggie Gallagher was on Signorile’s show this week, and he called her out on something she’s been doing for years: talking one way when she’s

June 07, 2012 Blog

Maggie Gallagher May Or May Not Be Obsessively Stocking Up On Insect Killer Right Now

Why? One of Maggie’s home-brahs at The National Review reports that a new, non-traditional-family supporting wasp has been discovered: The scientific name of a newly described insect

May 15, 2012 Blog

Invisible Children Touts Ties To NOM & Proposition 8 Funders

By Bruce Wilson, Talk2Action “A-1 Self Storage was one of the original donors who helped the founders of Invisible Children travel to Uganda and make

April 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Fred Karger: Is Maggie Gallagher Divorced?

Interesting e-mail I just got from openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger: For the past 15 years Maggie has written books, columns and talked

April 12, 2012 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Cited Spitzer’s Retracted Study — Will She Admit She’s Wrong?

Writing for Pam’s House Blend yesterday, Scott Rose of Demand Equality put together a handy list of Maggie Gallagher’s “greatest hits” — a selection of some of

April 11, 2012 Blog

Mitt Romney’s PAC Funneled $10K to NOM in 2008

In case you missed it in the shuffle of last week’s Friday news dump, it was revealed that Mitt Romney’s political action committee donated $10,000

April 02, 2012 Blog

Maggie Gallagher’s Rescheduled MSNBC Appearance

Oh, Maggie just doesn’t like the “language” of NOM’s internal race-baiting documents, because they make them sound “too big for their britches.” Other than that,

March 30, 2012 Blog

John Boehner Appoints Anti-LGBT Extremist to Religious Liberty Commission

Last week, Republican U.S. House Speaker John Boehner appointed Dr. Robert George — co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage — to the

March 29, 2012 Blog
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