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Porno Pete to Warren Throckmorton: Please Say “Sorry” For Not Being My Friend Anymore

Warren Throckmorton has changed quite a bit over the years. Having become disillusioned when he realized what a motley crew of science-denying liars he was

November 02, 2011 Blog

Rush Limbaugh, Champion of Women and Crusader Against Racism, Defends Herman Cain Against Politico

Presented without comment: The Politico and the mainstream media has launched an unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent, self-reliant conservative black because for him

October 31, 2011 Blog

Newt Gingrich Also Very Upset About Kardashian Divorce Announcement

Heh. I promise I’ll write something important and serious in a minute, as soon as I stop finding funny things. [h/t Joe

October 31, 2011 Blog

The Sanctity Of Marriage

Truth: [via Alex Blagg

October 31, 2011 Blog

National Organization for Liars

Oh, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, would either of you know the truth if it smacked you across the face and sang you a big

October 26, 2011 Blog

Wingnut Wants Us To Know That Lesbian Houston Mayor Is Gay

When the only attack they have left is calling their actually gay adversaries “gay,” it’s safe to say they’ve basically lost, I think: Back in

October 25, 2011 Blog

Pat Robertson on the 2012 GOP Field: You All Are Wingnuts

As Brian at Right Wing Watch says, “when even Pat Robertson thinks the Republican Party has shifted too far to the right, you know there

October 24, 2011 Blog

Dan Savage Gives Herman Cain Opportunity To Win Argument

Herman Cain says being gay is a choice. Dan says, y’know, prove it, in the way that only Dan can. It’s a little risque, so

October 20, 2011 Blog

Old Frothy Mix Is Victim Of Terrible Bullying By Sketch Comedy Program

How sad, to be such a weakling of a presidential candidate that you’re crying about the fact that Saturday Night Live made fun of you:

October 17, 2011 Blog

Wingnut Pastor Says Masturbation Is Form Of Homosexuality

All you guys out there who play with yourselves from time to time, you need to know that you are gay, according to a wingnut

October 17, 2011 Blog
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