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The Snarkiest Comments in the Prop 8 Decision

The Rude Pundit, having read the entire Prop 8 decision, notes that it’s pretty obvious, reading the entire thing, that the justice who wrote the

February 09, 2012 Blog

“Um, Um, I Know A Few Asian Guys…”

I have never seen wiser, more coherent words from Rick Santorum than those contained in this video: Rick Santorum: He’s Crazy And He’s Right. [h/t

February 01, 2012 Blog

Coming Out At The Dinner Table Is Never Easy

This is cute. [h/t Towleroad

January 31, 2012 Blog

Here Is The Anti-Gay Pastor Who Wants Christians To Boycott Starbucks

I will not make the obvious joke, because it is too obvious: Here is the very long press release from Pastor Steven Andrew’s organization: Christians

January 31, 2012 Blog

Rick Santorum Will Make Ladies’ Lives Easier By Making All Their Decisions For Them

This video has been going around today. It’s pretty great. [h/t John Aravosis

January 30, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete and Patrick Wooden Have Nice Little Chat About Putting Things In Butts

Ever since Porno Pete introduced us to his new wingnut friend Patrick Wooden at their poorly attended protest against the Southern Poverty Law Center, we’ve

January 25, 2012 Blog

Santorum Launches C.U.M.

No, really, this happened. [h/t Joe & Pam

January 23, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Goes To SPLC For Whining Purposes, Brings Friends

So this happened today, apparently. Porno Pete brought all his worldly friends together to go down to the SPLC and cry: A coalition of African

January 17, 2012 Blog

Finally, Some Balance in a Rick Santorum Interview!

Actually, in the original version, Chris Wallace actually committed an act of journalism, when he read a quote from one of the leaders against desegregating

January 13, 2012 Blog

The Persecution of Fundamentalist Christians, Illustrated

This is just about perfect: [h/t Joe

January 11, 2012 Blog
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