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Jon Stewart on Sarah Palin’s ‘Today Show’ Appearance

Jon Stewart’s take-downs are always wonderful and hilarious, but this is one of his finest. Watch the whole thing, but around 2:50 or so, he

April 04, 2012 Blog

Confederate-American Group Upset About Image of Popular Drag Queen

The poor dears. A group of Confederate Something-Or-Others [it’s always hard to tell… are they re-enactors? Just resentful and upset?] went on a field trip

April 02, 2012 Blog

The Onion Tackles NOM’s Race-Baiting

Ooh, nice job Onion staff

March 29, 2012 Blog

If These Apply To You, You Should Be A Republican

Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, has made this wonderful video outlining the basic platform of the modern GOP. If any of these apply to you,

March 26, 2012 Blog

Pat Robertson is None Too Happy With Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos!

Blue Texan refers to this as a fatwa, and it kinda is when you think about it: Televangelist Pat Robertson says that Denver Broncos quarterback

March 22, 2012 Blog

If You’re Homophobic, You’re Probably Gay

This video is just great. A jaunty tune telling the story we all know too well — the more homophobic they are, the more they’re

March 21, 2012 Blog

QOTD: Amanda Marcotte on “Kony 2012” Organizer Jason Russell

You remember what happened because it was just last week. Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell was detained for drunken public masturbation not long after the

March 19, 2012 Blog

A Rambling, Anti-Gay, Million Year-Long Invocation for the Georgia House of Representatives

Here is Tony Byrd, an extremist pastor, giving the invocation in the Georgia House of Representatives! Here is Rebecca from Wonkette, describing the following video:

March 16, 2012 Blog

This Is Just A Really Normal Christian Song

It’s about The Rapture, you see, and what’s going to happen when all the planes driven by Christian pilots crash. As we move through the

March 16, 2012 Blog

Ignorant AFA Host Claims Nobody Is Really Gay, So I Guess I’ll Go Home Early Today

Bad news, guys…none of us are actually gay, because this ignorant AFA hate group wingnut, Kevin McCullough, says so. “I don’t believe that you can

March 15, 2012 Blog
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