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Jon Stewart Recaps DADTFail 2010: ‘Are We Run By A**holes? Indeed.’

This is a pretty epic eight minute clip.  He goes through each and every part of the Epic Fail that is the United States Senate,

September 23, 2010 Blog

LOL Jeremy Hooper

Jeremy Hooper made a funny a few minutes ago in his headline for this video, in which Lindsey Graham basically says he doesn’t care what

September 21, 2010 Blog

Today’s Been Kinda Obnoxious, Hasn’t It?

So let’s watch a video of Sarah Palin praising Todd’s junk, brought to us, of course, by Sara Benincasa

September 21, 2010 Blog

New Documentary Celebrates America’s Most Delusional Women

From Phyllis Schlafly to Michele Bachmann, and covering all female wingnuts in between, it’s time to celebrate the leading ladies of the conservative movement! This

September 20, 2010 Blog

I Would Vote Naked In Illinois

This is absolutely brilliant. No, not safe for work, probably.  It’s YouTube, so it’s obviously not vulgar, but still. [h/t Joe] Haha, you know who

September 20, 2010 Blog

Here’s the Dumb Movie Being Screened At the Values Voters Summit Tonight

It’s all about a mean atheist who, of course, stole Christmas. The actual title is Christmas With A Capital ‘C’, but I think Alex Balk’s

September 17, 2010 Blog

Michele Bachmann at the Values Voters Summit

Michele Bachmann said the following insane things at the Values Voters Summit today.  She really doesn’t have any idea what the United States is all

September 17, 2010 Blog

‘The 6 Dumbest Christine O’Donnell Quotes…Said By Carl Winslow’

Okay, I promise tomorrow we will talk about something besides Christine O’Donnell, but this, from Funny or Die, is epic: As we all we’ve seen,

September 16, 2010 Blog

Christine O’Donnell Has Important Opinion on Lord of the Rings

Jack at Wonkette points us to this hilarious article Christine O’Donnell wrote in 2003 about how much she loves the ladies in The Lord of

September 16, 2010 Blog

Jesus’ General’s Ad for Christine O’Donnell

General JC Christian just outdid himself, I think: If you somehow don’t get it, please click here

September 15, 2010 Blog
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