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NYT: Gay Bashing Losing Appeal for GOP

An article in today’s New York Times says that as more Republican gays come out, overt gay bashing is on the outs in the GOP.

August 27, 2010 Blog

Ken Mehlman’s Difficult Path To Redemption

Let’s analyze the Atlantic Magazine story about the coming out of former Republican National Committee Chairman, Ken Mehlman, and discuss what steps he must take

August 26, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Ken Mehlman Has Made MSNBC Anchor Gay (UPDATED)

No, just kidding! But in reporting on the Ken Mehlman story today, MSNBC anchor Peter Alexander Thomas Roberts came out openly discussed his sexual orientation

August 26, 2010 Blog

New Wonkette Piece on Ken Mehlman

It seemed appropriate to jump on the Ken Mehlman story for my weekly Wonkette column: Rumors about former RNC chair Ken Mehlman’s Complete Gayness have

August 26, 2010 Blog

Ken Mehlman Is Still Funding Anti-Gay Politicians

Michael Jones has the goods: Look him up on, and you’ll see that Kenneth Mehlman has given money to a wide range of politicians

August 26, 2010 Blog

Ken Mehlman’s Official Coming-Out Party Is Now!

The piece directly below this one broke the news that Ken Mehlman, former RNC chair, would be coming out in an article from Marc Ambinder

August 25, 2010 Blog

Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman Finally Coming Out of the Closet

For many years, Ken Mehlman worked to prop up elected anti-gay bigots, including running the virulently anti-gay reelection campaign of George W. Bush in 2004.

August 25, 2010 Blog

There Goes The Neighborhood…

Apparently, Ken Mehlman is my new neighbor. For those who don’t remember, he was the Bush administration’s campaign stooge who resigned as chairman of the

June 08, 2010 Blog
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