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Jon Stewart Recaps DADTFail 2010: ‘Are We Run By A**holes? Indeed.’

This is a pretty epic eight minute clip.  He goes through each and every part of the Epic Fail that is the United States Senate,

September 23, 2010 Blog

Jon Stewart on the George Rekers Scandal

Also, Jon Stewart on every other insane thing that’s going on in this world right now, from the Greek financial meltdown to Wall Street’s near

May 07, 2010 Blog

Jon Stewart on the Catholic Church’s Constant, Institutional Sexual Hypocrisy

It apparently extends all the way up to Pope Hitlerpants himself. As Joe Sudbay said when he posted this, I’m sure Bill Donohue will be

March 17, 2010 Blog

Tomorrow’s Newspaper, Today! (UPDATED)

Betty Cracker at Rumproast has traveled into the future and brought back the headlines from wherever in the future she visited. (Next week sometime, Betty?)

March 10, 2010 Blog
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