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Maggie Gallagher: Stick to Your Guns and Heed Jeremy Hooper’s Advice

Jeremy just had a novel idea for Maggie Gallagher, who is on the whine-trail this week about marriage supposedly being destroyed, redefined, being taken over

June 29, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Teabagger Who Tried To Repeal Montana LGBT Rights Is Lesbian, Sources Allege

Uh-oh!  So this happened a couple of months ago: Yesterday, Teabagger Republican Representative Kristen Hansen introduced HB516, which would repeal all statewide or local ordinances

April 19, 2011 Blog

The Proper Way To Defend Marriage

Like this: [John Cole; via JM Ashby @ Bob Cesca’s blog

March 30, 2011 Blog

Newt Gingrich, Translated by the Wingnut-To-English Dictionary

Done masterfully by Lawrence O’Donnell! Oh, Newtie, you raging, hormonal hypocrite. [h/t Joe

March 11, 2011 Blog

Uh oh! Lawman Who Helped Kill Marriage Equality in New York Has Gay Lover, Is Criminal?

Well, these kinds of stories are always so shocking!  Gawker has the goods: Carl Kruger is a Democratic state senator from Brooklyn. His vote against

March 11, 2011 Blog

QOTD, Re: Pastor Grant Storms

Thers @ Whiskey Fire: The Lord moves in mysterious ways, sometimes even sort of straight up and down with a firm grip mellowed by a

March 02, 2011 Blog

Pastor Storms Is Very Sorry For Masturbating At The Park Near Kids

Southern Decadence-protesting, bullhorn wielding, gay-condemning, public-park pocket pool-playing Pastor Grant Storms has held a press conference to say he is very sorry for hoisting his

March 01, 2011 Blog

Grant Storms Admits It: Yes, He Was Masturbating In That Van

Next to the public park with the kids playing. But he totally wasn’t jerking off to the kids, honest! Reverend Grant Storms was booked on

March 01, 2011 Blog

Bullhorn-Wielding Southern Decadence-Protesting Pastor Arrested For Playing With Himself In Public

Hahahahahahahahahah, I have nothing to say about this. POSTED WITHOUT COMMENT: The Rev. Grant Storms, a Christian fundamentalist best known for his bullhorn protests of

February 28, 2011 Blog, News

Gingrich Busted for Moral Hypocrisy by College Student

This is pretty sweet.  Matt Ortega at AmericaBlogElections sets it up: A college student at the University of Pennsylvania asked Newt Gingrich a very pointed

February 24, 2011 Blog
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