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VIDEO: Missionaries of Hate: Ex-Gay Architects of Uganda’s Antigay Bill

U.S. cable network Current TV is premiering a can’t-miss documentary this week: The network’s Vanguard program traveled to Uganda to “trace the influence of American

May 25, 2010 Blog

Ex-Gay Promotes African Fundie Re-Education Camps, Prison, and Government Surveillance of Bedrooms

In 2009, Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively led an Exodus International board member and a representative of former PFOX president Richard Cohen’s International Healing Foundation to

May 24, 2010 Blog

Exodus Gives Too Much Credit to Uganda’s Genocidal ‘Social Workers’

Having co-launched Uganda’s antigay death-penalty campaign with applause one year ago, Exodus International is belatedly engaging in damage control by criticizing a Ugandan national social

March 30, 2010 Blog

Exodus Board Statement Sidesteps Responsibility for Uganda Genocide Bill

On its blog — but not its web site — the ex-gay activist umbrella group Exodus International today released a statement which sidesteps the organization’s

March 22, 2010 Blog

Sign Petition to Withdraw Uganda’s Genocide Bill

Uganda’ parliament is preparing to pass a brutal new law that would punish gay people with prison — even death. Initial international criticism drove the

February 12, 2010 Blog

Soulforce Open Letter to U.S. Christian Rightists Who Undermine LGBT Human Rights

An Open Letter from Soulforce to Jan and Paul Crouch, founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and the Evangelical Christian broadcasters who are featured on

February 05, 2010 Blog

Video: Violent Christianists ‘Transforming’ Uganda — and the U.S.

Bruce Wilson of Talk To Action – a veteran watchdog of the Christian Right — has created a very short documentary called “Transforming Uganda.” Please

January 21, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: U.S. Congressional Hearing Opposes Ugandan Antigay Genocide Legislation

Rep. Tammy Baldwin today chaired a Congressional hearing in strong opposition to pending legislation in Uganda that would outlaw all same-sex attraction and make any

January 21, 2010 Blog

Immoral Support in South Africa for Ugandan Bigotry, Discrimination

Like others in South Africa over the past few years, I have long been asking the South African government for an explanation for not signing

January 19, 2010 Blog

Shifting Blame

In Uganda, the "culture war" is a REAL war against human rights, a fact due directly and deliberately to the U.S. Christian Right's decades-long campaign

January 13, 2010 Blog
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