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Biggest Non-Surprise of the Day: Sullivan Says Pro-LGBT Republicans Don’t ‘Have the Balls’ to Confront Religious Right

Andrew Sullivan wrote another column about the Richard Grenell resignation today in which he revealed specifics about the way Grenell was muzzled by Mitt Romney’s

May 03, 2012 Blog

Andrew Sullivan on Richard Grenell, Gay Republicans

Gay conservative writer, blogger, and marriage equality activist Andrew Sullivan tweeted today about the resignation of Richard Grenell and, in 121 characters, perfectly captured what it’s like

May 02, 2012 Blog

Conservative Columnist Discovers That Right Wing Is Anti-Gay

Jennifer Rubin, one of the many conservative columnists at the Washington Post, is just appalled at the Religious Right reaction to Mitt Romney’s hiring of

April 23, 2012 Blog

It’s A New Day And Brent Bozell Is Very, Very Angry!

Just the other day, Brent Bozell of the far-right Media Research Center was very, very angry about Dan Savage’s new MTV show, Savage U. If that

April 11, 2012 Blog

If You’re Homophobic, You’re Probably Gay

This video is just great. A jaunty tune telling the story we all know too well — the more homophobic they are, the more they’re

March 21, 2012 Blog

Pro Hockey Players Come Out Against Homophobia in Sports

Joe posted this great video earlier today: More background: Hockey is joining the drive to end homophobia in sports with a public-service message featuring eight

March 05, 2012 Blog

‘Bishop Biceps’ Eddie Long “Crowned King” in Bizarre Ceremony with Torah Scroll

Remember Eddie Long? You know, Bishop Biceps, the homophobic, muscle shirt-wearing megachurch pastor who settled out of court with four teenage boys who accused him of

February 03, 2012 Blog

Ecuador To Shut Ex-Gay Camps After International Outcry

As reported on this blog and elsewhere, the ex-gay industry operates a number of “camps” or “clinics” in Ecuador, where lesbians undergo rape and torture, many

January 31, 2012 Blog

Dan Savage and the Circular Firing Squad

Note: this article was originally posted on Bilerico. So Dan Savage was glitterbombed yesterday for the third time by LGBT activists. I can’t tell you

January 24, 2012 Blog, Opinion

The Wingnut ‘Poor-Me’ Mentality, Summed Up

This, from Vacuumslayer over at Whiskey Fire: A lot of wingnut worldview hinges on a belief that there is natural–NATURAL!–can’t fight it, libs!–hierarchy that informs

January 12, 2012 Blog
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