The Right Wing’s Terrifying Global Assault on Freedom

By Wayne Besen I’m starting to miss the quaint old days when the paranoiacs at the John Birch Society imagined black U.N. helicopters and feared, above all, an overarching international government. Ironically, it is the contemporary right wing that has nefarious global aspirations and is working to install a New World Order. Guided by a […]

Social Media Giants Must Crack Down on Conversion Therapy Disinformation

New Reports Show Online Companies Irresponsibility Continuing to Allow “Ex-Gay” Materials We already knew that social media companies were undermining democracies, lowering the self-esteem of teenagers, aiding dictators and sporadically assisting with genocides. Now we can add peddling the discredited practice of “ex-gay” conversion therapy to the loathsome list. Two new reports by The Global […]