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Does the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Oppose Hate-Crimes Legislation?

Updated June 19, 11 a.m. A National Review blog called The Corner has posted a letter written by unnamed members of the U.S. Commission on

June 18, 2009 Blog

Focus on the Family Equates Gay Victims of Violence with Pedophiles

In a desperate bid to prevent sexual orientation from being added to existing federal hate-crime laws, Focus on the Family on Friday equated the gay

May 16, 2009 Blog

FRC Undermines Religious Liberty in Defense of Violence

The Family Research Council on Feb. 26 sent out an e-mail to constituents which contended that penalties for felony violence threaten religious liberty. The enactment

February 28, 2009 Blog

TWO Demands Family Policy Council of West Virginia Take Down Sniper Ad

Truth Wins Out (TWO) called on The Family Policy Council of West Virginia to immediately remove an online video ad that compares same-sex marriage supporters

February 24, 2009 Press Release
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