Truth Wins Out:

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Laws Could be Circumvented by pro-LGBTQ Student-led Prayer  

It’s time to beat the Religious Right at their own game Under the guise of parent’s rights, evangelicals are hijacking public schools, banning books and working to render LGBTQ students invisible. The most notorious effort is Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. The ambiguous wording of the law puts a chill on teachers trying to help […]

Gov. DeSantis’ Attack on Disney Bad for Business and Worse for Florida’s Future

Hey, corporate leaders: If the GOP set a mouse trap for Mickey, they won’t hesitate to come for you too As we bear witness to the bigotry, backwardness and increasing vindictiveness of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, we must remind ourselves that Florida is an economic miracle created by modernity and scientific ingenuity. The state was a […]

Gay Family Confronted on Train Shows How Politics is Intimately Personal   

When groups are demonized, individuals are victimized One of the more incongruous aspects of LGBTQ activism is finding a handful of right-wing activists that you sorta like. Counterintuitively, people from differing political viewpoints can still have compatible personalities, similar interests and likeminded senses of humor. Similarly, there are times that you don’t share a strong […]

Hypocritical conservatives only feign concern for children when it’s politically convenient

Republicans often ignore predators when they are part of their team GOP rockstar Rep. Matt Gaetz presumably in a grooming session The Republican Party’s latest obsession with smearing LGBTQ people with vile accusations of child recruitment must be forcefully countered. This is the underlying lie in Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press […]

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