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CPAC Reportedly Breaking Up With GOProud

So much for “conservatives don’t hate us, really!”: GOProud, the advocacy organization for homosexuals that also portrays itself as “conservative,” reportedly will be left out

February 14, 2011 Blog

Star Parker Didn’t Go To CPAC Because Gay Conservatives Aren’t REAL

So there!  If ever there was an “ex-liberal” pundit I’ve suspected that the Religious Right actually may have created in a secret dungeon, it’s Star

February 14, 2011 Blog

God Bless Roy Edroso For Watching the CPAC Live Feed

Because I certainly am not. Head thee over to his place for some good stuff. But here’s his summary of one “Carrie Lukacs” character, a

February 10, 2011 Blog

CPAC Attendees Might Go Home With Unusual Red Bumps This Year

Haha, but not for the usual reasons! Hey, Wonkette, what’s that you say? The three-legged stool of conservatism is strong and united at CPAC! Yes,

February 10, 2011 Blog

GOProud Goes After Tim Pawlenty Over DADT Repeal

It’s good that Chris Barron of GOProud is, for a change, standing up for a gay rights issue, but he’s sadly deluded if he thinks

February 08, 2011 Blog

Sophie B. Hawkins Headlining GOProud/CPAC ‘Party’

Oh dear lord…Andrew Breitbart, gay wingnuts, Sophie B. Hawkins, all in one room. Can you imagine anything less exciting? I only post this, though, because

February 03, 2011 Blog

Dan Savage Offers Perspective on Barbara Bush’s Support for Marriage Equality

Dan’s take on this is pretty epic, so I’m going to just quote liberally and tell you to click the clicky for the rest: Actual

February 01, 2011 Blog

GOProud Adds Andrew Breitbart to Board, Loses Last Shred of Credibility

I understand that GOProud, though they don’t actually do anything of substance, feels that they are working from inside the Republican party to “change things,”

January 21, 2011 Blog

Re: The Fractured Gay Republican Movement

This is kind of a damning piece, all the way around. Jeb Golinkin at FrumForum addresses the differences between GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans,

January 12, 2011 Blog

Possibly Joining the CPAC Temper Tantrum: Focus on the Family

Of course.  Tom Minnery says they won’t pull out this year because somebody has to be around to counteract the gayness, but just you wait,

January 05, 2011 Blog
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