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Why Evangelicals Still Hate Mitt Romney

Without further ado, it’s another edition of What Amanda Marcotte Said: Even though I suspect the base knows that Romney will owe them if he

March 26, 2012 Blog

Santorum Basically Endorses Barack Obama Over Mitt Romney

The funny thing about Rick Santorum is that he just doesn’t know when to shut up. In this supposed “most important election in the history

March 23, 2012 Blog

NH Vote on Marriage Repeal This Week; Great Editorial Urges Retention of Equality Law

This week, the vote we’ve been blogging about and waiting for for months will finally happen: the GOP-controlled New Hampshire House will vote on whether

March 19, 2012 Blog

Republicans Also Oppose Renewing/Expanding the Violence Against Women Act

He-Man Woman Haters Club continues apace: With emotions still raw from the fight over President Obama’s contraception mandate, Senate Democrats are beginning a push to

March 15, 2012 Blog

Paul Krugman Slams GOP For Embracing Ignorance

As usual, the New York Times’ Paul Krugman does a splendid job dismantling the arguments of conservatives, who have become an irrational and illogical bunch.

March 09, 2012 Blog

Update: SC State GOP Rejects Local Purity Test

Yesterday, Evan posted about an alarming story out of Laurens County, South Carolina — taking a cue from Grover Norquist, the bigots at NOM, and

March 07, 2012 Blog

Right Wingers and Tea Baggers Responsible for Running Olympia Snowe Out of Office

Thanks to the increasing extremism of the GOP, Sen. Olympia Snowe was essentially run out of office. According to Jonathan Weisman’s story today in the

March 01, 2012 Blog

Here’s A Handy Wingnut Translator

This is pretty spot-on. Click to embiggen, of course: [via Americans Against the Tea Party

February 29, 2012 Blog

NYT’s David Brooks Savages Republicans — and Gets It Right

Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks is on target when he savaged right wing Republicans and their wimpy enablers that stood by as the

February 28, 2012 Blog

Top 10 Wingnut Moments of GOP Presidential Race

(Weekly Column) The Republican Party has always had loopy extremists, but traditionally they were never given a serious shot at wining the Party’s presidential nomination.

February 28, 2012 Blog
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