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All Right, Bachmann, Now This Is Personal

Michele, you idiot: During a stop in South Carolina on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann wished the late Elvis Presley a “Happy Birthday.” The

August 16, 2011 Blog

Michele Bachmann’s Refusal to Answer for Her Medieval, Anti-Gay Views Is Getting Tedious

Really, it is: On ABC’s “This Week,” Mrs. Bachmann was asked about a statement she made in 2006 that being gay was the equivalent of

August 16, 2011 Blog

Rick Santorum Does Not Like Rick Perry’s Stance on States’ Rights!

More scenes from Iowa. It’s funny to me that Rick Santorum said this stupid thing in Waterloo: Rick Santorum,the fourth-place finisher in Saturday’s Straw Poll,

August 15, 2011 Blog

Gay Man Confronts Tim Pawlenty on Marriage Equality; Pawlenty Punts

An openly gay high school student confronted Tim Pawlenty about his lack of support for marriage equality at the Iowa State Fair.  Predictably, Pawlenty punted,

August 12, 2011 Blog

At Least Nine or Ten Wingnuts Show Up For Launch of NOM’s Values Voter Bus Tour

More would have come to the Iowa state capital, but there was a two-for-one special on trans fats out in the suburbs. Here’s the local

August 10, 2011 Blog

Lawrence O’Donnell Eviscerates the Frothy Mix

Watching Rick Santorum try to do things, not any specific things in particular, just things, is like watching a particularly pathetic trainwreck.  He’s not like

August 10, 2011 Blog

He Who Is Called ‘Governor Goodhair’ to Enter Presidential Race Saturday

Because what Americans are clamoring for is a yokel from Texas.  Keep ‘Murka stupid, y’all. [image by Sam Merten

August 09, 2011 Blog

Rick Perry Personally Thanks Hate Group Leader for Supporting His Weird Prayer Rally

I know that Rick Perry is a True Believer, and probably doesn’t understand why most of the American public is repelled by hate groups such

August 08, 2011 Blog
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