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NYT: Gay Bashing Losing Appeal for GOP

An article in today’s New York Times says that as more Republican gays come out, overt gay bashing is on the outs in the GOP.

August 27, 2010 Blog

Report: Why We Lost Prop 8

Op-ed By David Fleischer in the Los Angeles Times: Immediately after Proposition 8 passed, many who supported same-sex marriage tried to make sense of the

August 03, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich Rules

Please read Frank Rich’s column, “Two Weddings, a Divorce and ‘Glee'”. Despite the fact he has not yet quoted me, he remains the top columnist

June 14, 2010 Blog

Tragic: One half of Malawi gay couple Forced To Go ‘Ex-Gay’

From the BBC: Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga were sentenced to 14 years’ hard labour in May, then freed following international condemnation. But Monjeza told

June 09, 2010 Blog

Spoof On McDonald’s Ad

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

June 08, 2010 Blog

Anti-Gay Bigotry Is A Trick To Deceive The Na?Øve

(Weekly Column) Picture: Me lifting my own luggage at Miami International Airport It was once a speculative clich?© to say that rabidly anti-gay individuals were

June 02, 2010 Blog, Opinion

McDonald’s Pro-Gay French Ad

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video So, we have seen a Hispanic People Magazine cover with Ricky Martin and

June 01, 2010 Blog

Malawi President Pardons Gay Couple Sent To Prison

The Associated Press reports that Malawi’s president has pardoned a same-sex couple who had been sentenced to 14 years in prison. However, President Bingu wa

May 30, 2010 Blog, Press Release

If They Win, We Lose

Weekly Column The war over gay rights in America and other modern nations has been largely won. Too many people have come out of the

May 26, 2010 Blog, Opinion

In The Life To Air Major Special On Separation of Church & State

The separation of Church and State is a fundamental tenet of the U.S. Constitution. Increasingly policies that funnel taxpayer dollars into faith-based organizations challenge this

May 24, 2010 Blog, Press Release
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