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Bill Supports Marriage Equality; Barack Is ‘Evolving’; Et tu, Hillary?

In a long interview with Kerry Eleveld about the role Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has played in bringing LGBT equality to the forefront at

January 11, 2011 Blog

Media Matters Launches ‘Equality Matters,’ New ‘War Room’ For Equality

An outgrowth of an already very effective organization: As gay people around the country reveled on Sunday in the historic Senate vote to repeal “don’t

December 20, 2010 Blog

How Do We Know We’ve Won the Battle for Equality?

I, of course, mean looking at the long game, not the day-to-day uphill battles we’re still fighting.  But in the long term, here’s one example

December 13, 2010 Blog

Elizabeth Edwards on Gay Rights

As we remember Elizabeth Edwards, it’s good to remember what a true advocate she was for equality: The San Francisco Chronicle reported on a speech

December 08, 2010 Blog

Let the 2012 Primaries Commence!

Just kidding, but there’s an ad running in Iowa for Fred Karger, which is indeed a campaign ad for the 2012 Republican nomination. Karger’s a

November 24, 2010 Blog

New Lawsuits Filed Against DOMA

New York Times: Ms. Pedersen and Ms. Meitzen plan to file a lawsuit Tuesday against the government in an effort to strike down the Defense

November 09, 2010 Blog

A Good Reason for Gays to Keep Democrats in Power

Even if you don’t like your own personal Democrat, you should still be voting for the Democrats to retain control of Congress.  Why?  The simple

November 02, 2010 Blog


I know some of us are angry, and justifiably so.  But let’s not lose sight of the greater picture. Abbie Kopf, writing at Has

November 01, 2010 Blog

Bishop Spong Unleashes Epic Manifesto

UPDATE: Commenter Gary points out that this is about a year old.  This is what happens when this particular blogger writes words on the internet

October 27, 2010 Blog

Village Voice Interviews Dan Choi About Gay Rights Movement and Grindr

On Grindr controversy: He’s also not happy about being kicked off Grindr—four times. Grindr is an iphone app that uses GPS positioning to show your

October 27, 2010 Blog
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