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Study Finds NO Incidences of Abuse in Children of Lesbian Moms

This new study from the Williams Institute, which is part of the UCLA law school, is fairly remarkable: The paper finds that none of the

November 10, 2010 Blog

Study: Majority of Americans Include Married Gay Couples, Gay Parents in Definition of ‘Family’

Here’s another part of the so-called “culture wars” that we’ve won: A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with

September 15, 2010 Blog

Australian MP Who Claims Gay Parenting Will Increase Abortion Rate Has 200,000 Porn Hits on his Computer

The other day, I wrote about Australian pastor and MP Fred Nile, who made this insane claim opposing adoption rights by gay couples: Addressing the

September 02, 2010 Blog

Stanford Study: Children of Both Gay and Straight Couples Perform Equally In School

Add this one to the pile of studies that confirms what we on the side of fairness, equality and love have been saying forever:  Kids

August 31, 2010 Blog

Tony Perkins Plays “How Many Times Can I Lie In Two Paragraphs?”

It’s like Name that Tune, but for bigots! Here’s what Tony Perkins had to say about CNN’s Gary and Tony Have a Baby: CNN gave

June 26, 2010 Blog

President Obama Acknowledges Reality In Fathers’ Day Proclamation; Reality-Denier Peter LaBarbera Predictably Outraged

How dare President Obama acknowledge the simple reality that there are untold numbers of gay couples raising healthy, happy children in this society? Especially in

June 21, 2010 Blog

Michael Pakaluk Is Scared Kids of Gay Parents Will Bring Porn to School; Girl On Internet Disposes Handily Of That Notion

Last week, the Archdiocese of Boston published a piece in its newspaper by college professor Michael Pakaluk which suggested that, among other reasons, gays shouldn’t

June 15, 2010 Blog

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Mike Huckabee on Gay Parenting

Oh boy, Rosie really takes Mike Huckabee to task and gently, ever so gently, exposes him as a moron. In this clip, Rosie is talking

April 23, 2010 Blog
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