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Rhode Island Gov.-Elect Lincoln Chafee to NOM: Stuff It

Oh, this is sweet: Rhode Island Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee has declined an anti-gay marriage group’s plea to consider putting gay marriage up for a vote,

November 24, 2010 Blog

Obama Shifting on Marriage Equality?

President Obama met yesterday with a group of liberal bloggers, including Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog and AmericaBlogGay, and there was an interesting exchange on the

October 28, 2010 Blog

Dramatic! Iowa Lawmaker Says Day Gay Marriage was Legalized was ‘Worst Day of his Life’

This is what happens when people are trained from a young age to fear invisible boogeymen lurking around every corner: State Rep. Kevin Koester, R-Ankeny,

October 08, 2010 Blog

Joseph Farah: Penis Must Conquer Vagina for Marriage to be Real!

Joseph Farah is at it again, arguing that marriage is not marriage unless a penis has conquered a vagina, because of that time-honored passage in

September 24, 2010 Blog

Study: Majority of Americans Include Married Gay Couples, Gay Parents in Definition of ‘Family’

Here’s another part of the so-called “culture wars” that we’ve won: A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with

September 15, 2010 Blog

NYT: In The Big Picture, We Are Winning On Marriage

In May and June, I pointed out that we have reached a tipping point on LGBT equality. Mainstream newspapers are finally catching on to this

August 22, 2010 Blog

Glenn Beck Says Marriage Equality Not A Threat; O’Reilly Calls It ‘Inevitable’

This is a bizarre bit of TV, sure to make the Religious Right lose its collective mind: It’s not that they’re actually supportive.  It’s full

August 12, 2010 Blog

Possibly The Dumbest Column Ever Written

This morning, I read New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s meandering and incoherent op-ed, “The Marriage Ideal”. It may have been the worst column written

August 09, 2010 Blog

Arma-gay-don Cometh

Stephen Colbert reports on the overturning of Prop 8 and teaches us all how to ruin gay marriages

August 06, 2010 Blog
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