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Christian Polling Company: Millenials Strongly Support Marriage Equality

Focus on the Family is having a hard time spinning this one. They attempt to mislead their readers in the headline: LifeWay Survey: Millennials Divided

September 02, 2010 Blog

Focus on the Family Still Considers George Rekers an ‘Expert’

As we found out earlier this year, the only thing George Rekers is really “good at” is hiring male escorts to “lift his luggage” on

August 31, 2010 Blog

TWO Applauds The California Senate For Voting to Nix Absurd Gay Cure Law

Bill Is the Latest Blow to the Faltering Ex-Gay Industry NEW YORK – Truth Wins Out praised the California state Senate today for passing a

August 24, 2010 Blog, Press Release

Focus on the Family Wildly Contorts Calif. Marriage-Equality Ruling

Focus on the Family today misinformed its readers about legal background to the Ninth Circuit ruling in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger against Proposition 8. Instead of

August 18, 2010 Blog

Southern Baptists, Focus on the Family Support Selective Government Crackdown on Houses of Worship

In 1998, the Southern Baptist Convention condemned a 1997 Supreme Court ruling against a claim that churches enjoy a virtually unlimited right to build wherever

August 18, 2010 Blog

Focus On The Family Lays Off More Employees

The Denver Channel Reports: Focus on the Family says more of its employees are being laid off, but the numbers haven’t been released. Gary Schneeberger,

August 02, 2010 Blog

Jesus and the Son of Scam

(Weekly Column) If one ever completely screws up his or her life and wants “redemption”, there are two courses of action. The first is a

July 13, 2010 Blog, Opinion

The Movable Middle and The Move To Madness

Weekly Column If there is one term the gay and lesbian movement should consider banishing it is “movable middle”, which refers to fence sitting heterosexuals

June 22, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Grover Norquist Joins GOProud Board, Enraging Social Conservatives

Fight, fight, fight! Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist and Republican strategist who famously said he wants to make government so small you can drown it

June 18, 2010 Blog

Exodus Should Repent, Not Revel

The “ex-gay” umbrella organization Exodus International has never been particularly good with numbers. The group refuses to keep statistics on its failure rate or disclose

June 15, 2010 Blog, Opinion
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