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’19 Kids And Counting And Also One Hate Group’: Coming This Fall On TLC?

Little Josh Duggar is joining the Family Research Council hate group!

June 18, 2013 News

Family Research Council’s Bob Morrison Writes World’s Stupidest Column

Being gay is bad because one time we sent a picture of a man and a lady into space

June 07, 2013 Opinion

Peter Sprigg And The Values Victim Caucus

Wine may represent the blood of Jesus in church, but whine is the Religious Right’s drink of choice these days

May 07, 2013 Opinion

Family Research Council Hate-Cast On Boy Scouts Asserts That Gays Are ‘Unclean’

Also, gays are going to come on to all the straight scouts, even the unattractive ones

May 06, 2013 Poll

Supreme Court Should Not Let Anti-Gay Activists’ Threats Affect Marriage Rulings

It is the biggest week in the history of the LGBT movement, with the eyes of the world on the Supreme Court

March 24, 2013 Opinion, Uncategorized

FRC’s Tony Perkins Lies His Ass Off About ENDA In Fundraising Appeal

FRC's Tony Perkins is fighting to ensure LGBT people can be fired from their jobs and he's willing to habitually lie to get his way

March 06, 2013 News

Hate Group Leader Blames Military Suicides On The End Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins proves why his organization is a legitimate SPLC hate group

January 31, 2013 News

FRC Leader Speaks Of Iowa Bus Tour to Defeat Marriage Equality Judges

As you know, I was at the Values Voter Summit last week in Washington, DC. Here is a clip from FRC Action PAC President Connie

September 17, 2012 Blog

Mitt Romney’s Video Speech At The Values Voter Summit

Truth Wins Out does not endorse presidential candidates. However, we do report facts relevant to the LGBT community, such as the observation that one presidential

September 15, 2012 Blog

Family Research Council Speech Fosters Family Breakdown

The Family Research Council helps parents wreck their families, while upholding dishonesty as "the truth" and mistaking its own false piety for authenticity

September 13, 2012 Blog
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