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Love In Action’s Residential Program Is No More

Huge news from Memphis, which has long been the regrettable home of one of Exodus International’s flagship models, Love In Action.  The residential program, which

September 02, 2011 Blog

Failed Comedienne Makes Friends With “Ex-Gay” Couple On Radio

Um, so I missed this yesterday, and I’m mostly inclined to let it pass, but here’s Victoria Jackson, who is apparently on the radio now,

August 24, 2011 Blog

Tweaked Out Video Heralds Beginning of New Era of “Ex-Gay” Fabulosity

The “ex-gay” known as Randy Thomas was just too much of a thooperthtar for Exodus International, apparently.  To the delight of basically the entire LGBT

August 22, 2011 Blog

Exodus: Get Over it and Move on Already

It is difficult to believe, but Exodus International is still pouting and hung up on losing its iPhone App. Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in March, Truth Wins

August 11, 2011 Blog

‘Shut Up, Y’all, Woody from Toy Story Is A Bigot!,’ Says Alan Chambers

[In so many words.] I knew this was going to happen.  When Google Chrome launched its amazing “It Gets Better” ad, which first aired during

May 11, 2011 Blog

Dr. Drew Tackles the “Ex-Gay” Industry

I adore this clip. Dr. Drew hosted Alan Chambers of Exodus International, who was forced to listen as KC and Larry Jansson, the married gay

April 18, 2011 Blog

Former Exodus Activist Michael Ensley Now A Homoerotic Art House Photographer In Orlando

Every now and again we highlight “ex-gay” activists who disappear from the scene. One such individual is Mike Ensley, who was laid off from Exodus

April 13, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Focus on the Family Confused About Removed Exodus App

I don’t know why Focus’s Stuart Smalley Shepard is so confused about what happened when Apple pulled Exodus’s iPhone app, but then again he’s never

April 04, 2011 Blog

The Extreme Anti-Business, Intellectual Dishonesty of the National Religious Broadcasters

Craig L. Parshall wrote a pseudo-intellectual histrionic screed for the National Religious Broadcasters today comparing Apple nixing Exodus International’s “ex-gay” app to the sinking of

March 30, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Updated: Lisa Ling Takes Another Shot at the ‘Ex-Gay’ Thing…

Update: I thought Lisa Ling did a better job last night — and it was good to see a reporter follow-up on the “ex-gay” myth.

March 29, 2011 Blog
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