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ENDA Being Reintroduced In Both Houses

It has little chance of passing right now, but the timing is strategic

April 23, 2013 News

Time For Congress To End Job Discrimination Against LGBT Workers

It is almost 2013 and one can still be fired for being gay or trans. This is a national disgrace that must be changed

November 14, 2012 News

NY State Appellate Court: Calling Someone Gay is Not an Insult

The fact that it’s possible to take someone to court if they call you gay — the idea that speculation about a person’s sexual orientation,

June 04, 2012 Blog

Press Secretary Grilled On Obama’s Rejection of Non-Discrimination Executive Order

This is a really interesting exchange from today’s briefing with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. As Andy said, The Washington Blade, Metro Weekly, and

April 12, 2012 Blog

Iowa Rep. Steve King Wants “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the Workplace

Talk about trying to put the genie back into the bottle: in an exclusive interview with ThinkProgress’s Scott Keyes, notoriously bigoted Iowa GOP Rep. Steve

April 05, 2012 Blog

LGBTs for Ron Paul — Huh?

I must confess that I’m truly baffled by the level of support I’m seeing among my friends for presidential candidate Ron Paul. While the number

January 10, 2012 Blog

Why I’ll Miss Barney Frank

In addition to being a tireless advocate for his constituents and the American LGBT community, Rep. Barney Frank is well known for telling things like

November 28, 2011 Blog

Gay Conservative Opposes Pro-Gay Legislation, Again

Also, water is wet. Responding to LCR’s support of ENDA, over at the old Gay Patriot: I agree that private employers should not discriminate against

March 30, 2011 Blog

Mississippi Corrections Officer Fired for Being Gay; ACLU Suing

As Joe says, this is why we need ENDA: On June 14, while at home and off-duty, [Corrections officer Andre] Cooley called 911 after his

October 18, 2010 Blog

Re: The Mid-Term Elections

The mid-term elections are now just under a month away.  LGBT people are, understandably, frustrated with the slow progress of things like DADT repeal, ENDA,

October 05, 2010 Blog
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