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Atheists Greet Mitt Romney in Florida with Ad Condemning Mormonism’s Anti-Gay Doctrines

Today, American Atheists launched a mobile billboard campaign in Boca Raton, Florida near the site of the final presidential debate. The billboard points to Mormonism’s

October 22, 2012 Blog

AMAZING Video: LGBT Americans for Obama

This is a must-watch video. It’s another reminder of just how important the upcoming presidential election is for the cause of LGBT civil rights, and

October 17, 2012 Blog

Rosie Perez Smacks Mitt Around On Latino Issue

Also, click here to learn the details of the Romney tax plan

October 16, 2012 Blog

Rural Wisconsin Man Makes Obama Sign With Noose, Claims It’s Not Racist

No, you’re not reading the Onion. Green Bay FOX affiliate WLUK-TV reports on a homemade sign in little Redgranite, Wisconsin (population 2,149): The new attraction in Redgranite?

October 16, 2012 Blog

Florida Log Cabin Republicans Chapter Uses Slain Ambassador to Attack Obama on LGBT Rights

If this isn't the very definition of reprehensible, I don't know what is

October 12, 2012 Blog

So, Who Won The VP Debate?

Let us know your thoughts on who won last night’s vice presidential debate

October 12, 2012 Blog

Big Bird Has Two Dads

Big Bird has two dads! At least now we know why notorious homophobe Mitt Romney singled him out during last week's presidential debate

October 10, 2012 Blog

Justice Scalia: Opposition to LGBT Rights, Abortion “Easy”

In a recent lecture and book-reading at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative D.C. think tank, the notoriously controversial Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rattled

October 05, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Rick Santorum Opines About Big Bird

Rick Santorum, one of America's most outspoken homophobes, remarked on Sesamegate: " can kill things and still like them..."

October 05, 2012 Blog

Conservative Catholic Nuns: Contraception Can Make Men Gay

A conservative order of Catholic nuns from Ohio called the Children of Mary released a new video last weekend (although it’s so poorly produced you’d

October 03, 2012 Blog
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