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Fetish Photographer Displeased With Jewish Nation-State

Hate group leader Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera, who made his name in anti-gay wingnuttery by repeatedly posting lots of pictures taken at fetish festivals of

January 09, 2012 Blog

Santorum Thinks Kids of Criminals Better Off Than Kids of Gay Parents

Rick Santorum’s absurd bigotry knows no bounds, and is almost as offensive as the fact that he thinks he’s smart: Speaking at a boarding school

January 09, 2012 Blog

College Students Make Frothy Mix Look Dumb

Advice to Rick Santorum: stick with talking to hicks. When you talk to college students, they’re going to make you look dumb every single time.

January 05, 2012 Blog

Orthodox Rabbis Warn of “Dangerous Homosexualist” Named Mittens

Oh, Mittens! You’ve gone and rustled up the ire of the wackiest fringe rabbis in the land! Why, they have given you a new title,

December 29, 2011 Blog

Porno Pete Defends Cardinal George, Says TWO Is So Mean, You Guys

Oh, I usually do not make fun of the same wingnut two posts in a row, but dangit, sometimes you have to. I had just

December 29, 2011 Blog

Linda Harvey Ranks All The Things She Complained About In 2011

Linda Harvey of the small hate outfit Mission America pretty much thinks about one thing and one thing only, namely her visceral and unreasonable hatred

December 27, 2011 Blog

Teabagger ‘Politician’ Calls for Obama’s Assassination

The few people who have actual arguments against Barack Obama’s policies (most of the ones who speak in complete sentences are actually arguing against him

December 19, 2011 Blog

Five Minutes of Bumpkin Sentence Fragments from Rick Perry

This is why his weird ad about how much he hates gays and how he will stand up against the pretend war on religion means

December 08, 2011 Blog

Pat Robertson Trembling About God’s Opinion on Obama’s International Human Rights Policies

Dear Pat: We know you are teetering on the brink of total irrelevancy and that your mind doesn’t seem to be what it once was

December 07, 2011 Blog

If Gays Can Marry, People Will Marry Buildings, Cars and Dogs!

And robots and carrots and couches and coke floats and Nerf footballs and Trapper Keepers and Justin Bieber and ascots and berries and scenic routes

December 02, 2011 Blog
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