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We Will Demonically Manipulate You With Choreography And Song!

Confession time:  I do not listen to Peter LaBarbera’s “radio show.”  It is just one of those things that I, as a sane human being,

April 20, 2011 Blog

Regina Griggs and PFOX Crawl Out From Under Rock Over ‘Day of Silence’

Oh look, it’s the same tired rhetoric we’re used to from the laughable hate group known as PFOX: Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays

April 14, 2011 Blog

Conservatives Announce New Battle In War On Reality

Having already lost the War On Scare Quotes, and rapidly losing the War On Gay People, wingnuts gathered at Liberty University this past week to

April 13, 2011 Blog

Pink Nail Polish On Boy In Clothing Ad Sparks Fits of Wingnut Outrage

We all know the Bible verse from our Sunday School days, you know, the one about how only girls are supposed to wear pink nail

April 12, 2011 Blog

Focus on the Family Confused About Removed Exodus App

I don’t know why Focus’s Stuart Smalley Shepard is so confused about what happened when Apple pulled Exodus’s iPhone app, but then again he’s never

April 04, 2011 Blog

Discredited, Lying Hack Testifies Against Colorado Civil Unions

Oh, Paul Cameron. Don’t ever change. You and all your extremist cohorts help our side so much. [All you guys at Peter’s Troof Skool this

April 01, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Wingnuts Also Misogynistic, Racist

Water still wet. Angry Black Lady over at Balloon Juice points us to what the Misogynistic Racist Anti-Gay movement [they use the term “pro-family”] has

March 31, 2011 Blog

Gay Conservative Opposes Pro-Gay Legislation, Again

Also, water is wet. Responding to LCR’s support of ENDA, over at the old Gay Patriot: I agree that private employers should not discriminate against

March 30, 2011 Blog

Victoria Jackson Is The Best Religious Right Spokeswoman Ever

We had fun this morning with Victoria Jackson’s latest column, where she admirably typed words in what appears to be the English language, about how

March 22, 2011 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Has Fun With Numbers!

I’d say she’s lying here, but I’m not sure she’s that smart: Do a Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Well, several polls have been

March 22, 2011 Blog
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