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In Wake of bin Laden’s Death, Matt Barber Still Obsessed With Gays

What a disturbed little boy: Matthew, dear:  making nervous gay jokes at inopportune times reveals more about you than it does about us. If you’re

May 02, 2011 Blog, Press Release

David Pakman Interviews Tenn. Senator Stacey Campfield About His ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

You remember Stacey Campfield from the other day.  If you don’t, he’s the bizarre Tennessee State Senator who introduces a bill every single year to

April 28, 2011 Blog

Sally Kern Also a Racist, Reports Sally Kern

Here’s a quote for you: “We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just because they

April 28, 2011 Blog

In Hearings For Lesbian Judge, Detractors Mostly Make Weird Sex Comments

Massachusetts is in the process of holding hearings for the confirmation of Barbara Lenk, who would be the first openly gay members of the Massachusetts

April 28, 2011 Blog

Pat Robertson Has Funny Temper Tantrum Over DOMA

Earth to Pat:  the majority of Americans are against DOMA.  Stop listening to the “Americans” in your head. Anyway, this video is funny. [h/t Joe

April 27, 2011 Blog

Two Minutes, Forty-Sex Seconds of Michele Bachmann Making Various Words

These are the words that she thinks are normal.  Enjoy! [h/t Joe] I think she’s crying for help, y’all

April 26, 2011 Blog

Embarrassing Tennessee Senator’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Isn’t Enough!

I agree with this WaPo writer, who contends that silly Stacey Campfield’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Tennessee, the one which prohibits teachers from discussing

April 26, 2011 Blog

Actually, Pat Robertson, MOST of the Liberal Agenda Is About Making Lesbians Feel Better

Pat Robertson, Boy Genius, strikes again, claiming that liberals support reproductive health/rights in order to make lesbians feel better about not being able to have

April 25, 2011 Blog

‘Creation Studies Institute’ Claims Teaching Children Facts Leads to Gayness

Joe has an amazing quote from Tom DeRosa, the executive director of the Creation Studies Institute.  Read it slowly, and maybe out loud in a

April 25, 2011 Blog

Tennessee’s Most Embarrassing Legislator, One Year Later

Almost exactly a year ago, we visited the Wingnut Wonder of Knoxville, Stacey Campfield.  Embarrassing, even by Tennessee’s admittedly low standards, Campfield was at that

April 21, 2011 Blog
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