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Allen West Out-Santorums Santorum With Metaphors!

Oh lordy. So you all know about Rep. Allen West, right?  He’s a Florida Teabagger Congressman, representing the district next to that of Rep. Debbie

August 11, 2011 Blog

I Think The Frothy Mix Read My Wonkette Column Yesterday

All day yesterday, I was making fun of Rick Santorum for the stupid metaphors he’s been using in a milquetoast attempt to make anti-gay issues

August 11, 2011 Blog

AFA Brain Trust Takes Ann Coulter Seriously, Is Confused

As I said the other day, in reference to Ann Coulter joining GOProud’s advisory board, nothing about it is surprising.  I’ve never thought that she

August 11, 2011 Blog

Rick Santorum Really Needs To Stay Away From Metaphors

Two hours ago, I wrote a post about Rick Santorum making a fool of himself standing in a grocery store explaining that gay marriage is

August 10, 2011 Blog

Online Petition Stupid

There is a petition out right now to ask the producers of Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie gay marry each other.  It is

August 10, 2011 Blog

Lawrence O’Donnell Eviscerates the Frothy Mix

Watching Rick Santorum try to do things, not any specific things in particular, just things, is like watching a particularly pathetic trainwreck.  He’s not like

August 10, 2011 Blog

Teabaggers Is Smart You Guys

We all know that the Teabagging movement, in general, is not all that bright.  We also know that they’re less of a “movement” and more

August 07, 2011 Blog

DADT Dead-Enders Worried About Religious Liberty of Minority of Troops

Whine, Alliance Defense Fund, whine: “Our troops’ religious liberties are in unprecedented jeopardy because the government has caved in to pressure from small groups of

July 25, 2011 Blog, Opinion

A Highly Appropriate Response to Anti-Gay Bigotry and Misogyny

Some wingnut blog called Wizbang sees our investigation of Marcus Bachmann’s clinic as much ado about nothing, as the writer obviously has bought into anti-science

July 18, 2011 Blog

Dr. Michael Brown’s Funny Video About Gay Parenting

This is just epic, and I love that it comes from the man who holds the title of Most Disingenuous Bigot in Wingnuttia, Dr. Michael

July 08, 2011 Blog
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