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UPDATE: Green Bay City Council Again Bullies LGBT Workers

Many of you might remember my article last week about the state of the LGBT community in my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and how

October 05, 2011 Blog

Green Bay City Council Just Loves Beating Up on LGBT Workers

I grew up in Allouez, Wisconsin, one of several suburbs adjacent to the city of Green Bay. Green Bay is a typical medium-sized middle-class city,

September 28, 2011 Blog

Maggie Gallagher Out As NOM’s Board Chair

Just popped up at Maggie and Brian’s Online Hate Emporium: Washington, DC – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced today that John Eastman, a

September 22, 2011 Blog

Faced With Openly Gay Troops, It Looks Like the US Military Will Be Just Fine

In the lead-up to DADT repeal, the Religious Right went to great lengths to portray the members of the United States armed forces as an

September 19, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Discrimination in Jury Selection?

An interesting case is unfolding in the Ninth Circuit right now, involving a lesbian who was dismissed from a jury for a case involving homosexuality:

August 05, 2011 Blog

Dolly Parton Apologizes to Lesbian Couple Who Faced Discrimination at Dollywood

During my hiatus from computer-land, I vaguely caught wind of this story of a lesbian couple being harassed at Dollywood because one of them was

August 04, 2011 Blog

Hollywood Homophobe Pat Robertson Has ‘Brainwashed’ Himself

Through ABC Family and the Christian Broadcast Network, industrialist and Christian Right evangelist Pat Robertson (not his real name) has spent more than 30 years

June 14, 2011 Blog

Oh Yeah, It’s Pride Month!

It always sneaks up on me because down South, so many of our Pride celebrations have been moved to the month of October, due to

June 02, 2011 Blog

Fey Tennessee “Pro-Family” Leader Attempts to Make Point at Playground

This is the pink-shirted David Fowler, head of the cutely named Family Action Council of Tennessee [FACTn] [sic], standing on a playground and talking with

June 02, 2011 Blog

Tennessee Governor Signs Anti-Gay Bill Giving Businesses ‘Special Access to Discriminate’

I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to writing this up, just because I’m so embarrassed by what Tennessee and our governor, Bill Haslam, a particular

May 25, 2011 Blog
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