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‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Crying About Obama Being Gay

I'm pretty sure Dave Daubenmire doesn't even have an inside-bellyaching voice

May 23, 2013 Opinion

Paul Cameron Says Gays Do Much ‘Nastier’ Things When They’re Partnered

Paul Cameron and Dave Daubenmire, together at last!

May 10, 2013 Opinion

Religious Right Figures Continue Their Juvenile Whine About Jason Collins

Linda Harvey, Matt Barber and Dave Daubenmire are very obviously threatened by Jason Collins' coming out

May 09, 2013 Opinion

Notable Tough Guy Dave Daubenmire Scared Of Martial Law In Boston

Dave going on for two minutes about martial law in Boston is the perfect backdrop for his unhinged recent interview with Porno Pete

April 29, 2013 Opinion
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