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An Interesting Critique of the It Gets Better Project

Notice I said “critique,” rather than attack. Rich at FourFour has a really unique understanding of social media, viral videos, and they way they intersect

November 10, 2010 Blog

No, Dan Savage Is Not Acting Like a Bully

There’s a piece in The Daily Cardinal, the newspaper of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, about the recent spate of gay teen suicides, where

October 26, 2010 Blog

Dan Savage on Obama’s ‘It Gets Better’ Message

Dan Savage was on CNN this morning talking about the President’s contribution to his It Gets Better project, and he did a great job framing

October 22, 2010 Blog

Bishop Gene Robinson: It Gets Better

If you haven’t seen it, here’s Bishop Gene’s contribution to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project. It’s awesome to see him and other religious figures

October 18, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [Jill Sobule edition]

All right, Weekly Round-Up, Random Ten, and then it’s Seacrest Out time for me.  Let’s hold hands and remember our week: On the gay teen

October 08, 2010 Blog

The Most Bizarre Response to the “It Gets Better” Project Yet

You’re all by now familiar with Dan Savage’s fabulous It Gets Better project, where LGBT people from all walks of life make videos telling gay

October 06, 2010 Blog

Singer Sia Brings the Message: It Gets Better

I highly regret that I haven’t had much time to really watch the videos being submitted to Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project.  I’m sure

October 01, 2010 Blog

Two Christian Responses to Gay Teens, Suicide, Etc.

First of all, for the record, the official arms of the Religious Right have been unsurprisingly silent about the wave of gay teen suicides in

September 30, 2010 Blog

Saxby Chambliss’s Office Admits It: ‘All Faggots Must Die’ Comment Came From His Office

And Keith Olbermann is reporting on it, as well as John McCain’s widdle senile temper tantrum after the DADT vote: From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: U.S.

September 23, 2010 Blog

Dan Savage and His Husband Terry: ‘It Gets Better’

This is a sweet video from Dan Savage and his husband, Terry, about their lives, about growing up, raising a family, and all of that,

September 21, 2010 Blog
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