Truth Wins Out:

Bizarre ‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Therapy Puts you in the ‘wrong hands’

Conversion therapy is quackery. Hugger Richard Cohen is a notorious and failed conversion therapists Every respected medical and mental health organization rejects “ex-gay” conversion therapy as harmful and ineffective. Those who engage in the discredited practice often use bizarre techniques. Sometimes, the methods they use border on sexual exploitation. It’s best to save your time […]

WATCH: ‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Programs are a Freak Show

Promoters of “ex-gay” programs love to talk about (non-existent) sexual orientation or gender identity “change”. What these groups hate to discuss is their wacky, unethical, unprofessional and psychologically abusive methods. When people actually see what “ex-gay” conversion programs do, they are repulsed and see it as quackery.

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