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Awesome: Illinois State Senator Goes Off On Adulterous Hypocrites Who Voted Against Civil Unions

This video of Illinois state senator Ricky Hendon is suh-weet. “We know what you do at night! And you know, too.” [h/t Towleroad

December 02, 2010 Blog

Civil Unions Coming to Illinois

The Illinois House passed civil unions yesterday, and now the Senate has followed suit.  Now on to the governor, Patrick Quinn, who has stated that

December 01, 2010 Blog

NOM Is Against Civil Unions, Except When They’re Fine With Them, In Which Case…

This is how fringe the National Organization for Marriage really is: The National Organization for Marriage, the nation’s leading anti-gay group whose stated mission is

November 23, 2010 Blog

Pro-Gay Pat Quinn Re-Elected Illinois Governor

This is very good news: The prospects of a civil unions bill becoming law in Illinois are brighter Thursday with the reelection of Governor Pat

November 05, 2010 Blog

Hawai’i Leg Passes Civil Unions

Now on to the governor’s desk. She’s a Republican, but the Senate has enough votes to override her if she does. The House is still

April 30, 2010 Blog

Hawai’i Says Aloha To Civil Unions

And since aloha means both “hello” AND “goodbye,” we don’t know what to make of this news! Just kidding. The Senate voted 18 to 7

January 22, 2010 Blog
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