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The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry Isn’t Political…

Well, that’s at least what they tell gullible reporters like Lisa Ling. However, I can’t help but noticing these allegedly “apolitical” activists keep finding themselves

March 09, 2011 Blog

Wingnut Lady Tells Colorado Senate All About How The Anus Works

Or at least how she thinks the anus works?  This all, somehow, has to do with civil unions in Colorado: [h/t watertiger

March 08, 2011 Blog

Illinois Hate Groups Crying About Discrimination

Newsflash:  Laurie Higgins of the hate group known as the Illinois Family Institute and Peter LaBarbera of the hate group known as Americans for Truth

March 04, 2011 Blog

Oh Yeah, Civil Unions Are Official In Hawai’i Now

In case you missed it amidst the excitement over yesterday’s DOMA announcement, Civil Unions are officially a go in Hawai’i: Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed

February 24, 2011 Blog

Civil Unions Bill Introduced in Colorado

From One Colorado: The Colorado Civil Unions Act provides committed gay and lesbian couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities, such as the ability to

February 14, 2011 Blog

Focus’s Jenny Tyree Uncovers ‘Secret’ About Civil Unions

Vapid, thy name is apparently Jenny: Here’s what you should know about civil union legislation: It is being introduced in several states as part of

February 01, 2011 Blog

Illinois Civil Unions Law Will Be Signed This Afternoon

And the sky will FALL! Today, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will sign into law the “Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act.” The signing

January 31, 2011 Blog

Same Sex Marriage Case Headed for French High Court

It’s interesting the way marriage equality is playing out in parts of Western Europe.  In several countries, marriage-like rights/arrangements were granted to same-sex couples long

January 19, 2011 Blog

Late Afternoon Link Dumpage

Here are the tabs that are still open in my browser, which you may find interesting: 1.  Marriage equality supporters in New York say they’re

December 16, 2010 Blog

The French Love Civil Unions

According to The New York Times: When France created its system of civil unions in 1999, it was heralded as a revolution in gay rights,

December 16, 2010 Blog
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