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For Their Latest Stunt, GOProud Is Cozying Up to Michele Bachmann

Every time I think that the gay wingnut group GOProud has sunk to the lowest possible level of organized self-loathing, they find a way to

July 18, 2011 Blog, Press Release

GOProud’s Chris Barron Explains Why You Hate Him

Yes, really, he has a post up wherein he explains to you, the gentle reader, why you hate him.  Look: The left rarely engages me

June 02, 2011 Blog

GOProud’s Chris Barron Had an Epic Meltdown on the Signorile Show…

And the audio is up, so pop some popcorn and listen. Here’s what Michelangelo had to say about it: Barron has come on the show

February 15, 2011 Blog

CPAC Reportedly Breaking Up With GOProud

So much for “conservatives don’t hate us, really!”: GOProud, the advocacy organization for homosexuals that also portrays itself as “conservative,” reportedly will be left out

February 14, 2011 Blog

GOProud Goes After Tim Pawlenty Over DADT Repeal

It’s good that Chris Barron of GOProud is, for a change, standing up for a gay rights issue, but he’s sadly deluded if he thinks

February 08, 2011 Blog

GOProud Shamefully Defends Willow Palin ‘Faggot’ Comment

Updated: GOPander’s Chris Baron writes on Twitter ChrisRBarron Pissing off the angry gay left is so easy and fun. I honestly never get tired of

November 17, 2010 Blog

Bryan Fischer Really Wants To Speak At HomoCon 2011

Oy. Okay, so Kyle at Right Wing Watch suggested that, since the HomoCon crowd was so excited to have a  bigot like Ann Coulter speak

September 28, 2010 Blog

Re: HomoCon, Ann Coulter, GOProud

You didn’t think I forgot, did you?  Nah.  It’s just on Wonkette, silly!  Here’s your preview, and then click the clicky to read the rest:

September 27, 2010 Blog

Late Friday Random Ten [okay, fine, Musical Theater edition]

Cutting out a bit early today, so here’s your Weekly Round-up and your Late Friday Random Ten. Let us remember the week that was, together:

September 24, 2010 Blog

GOProud’s Chris Barron on Debating Joseph Farah

Chris Barron of GOProud has a guest post up at Pam’s House Blend where he explains why he agreed to debate Joseph Farah of WingNutDaily.

September 22, 2010 Blog
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