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Chick-fil-A Incident Used to Register Fundie Voters

I’ve always said this: Anti-gay organizations deeply disdain their own supporters and think they are a bit slow upstairs. They have no respect for their

August 13, 2012 Blog

Video: Does Chick-fil-A Share Your Values?

For three weeks now, the nation has been embroiled in a debate about chicken after anti-gay comments by Dan Cathy, the COO of Chick-fil-A, brought

August 08, 2012 Blog

CNN’s Dana Loesch Freaks Out About Chick-fil-A

So apparently, while I was on vacation, this happened: Conservative radio host Dana Loesch on Tuesday blasted a caller who criticized Chick-Fil-A’s anti-gay rights stance.

August 08, 2012 Blog

For Equality Supporters, Every Day Should Be “Marriage Equality Day”

Equally Wed, an online LGBTQ wedding magazine, has declared today — August 7 — National Marriage Equality Day, and is encouraging equality-minded people to make

August 07, 2012 Blog

TWO’s John Becker & Husband Michael at Chick-fil-A

Hello, readers! John here. Michael and I spent the last week or so in Wisconsin visiting friends and family, so that’s why you haven’t seen

August 06, 2012 Blog

Pam Opines About Kiss-In, What is Your View?

From Pam Spaulding: IMHO, I’m not keen on this as an effective protest tool — it’s not about our right to love (ostensibly why gay

August 03, 2012 Blog

Mississippi Candidate Says Mayors Against Chick-fil-A Should Be ‘Introduced to the Second Amendment ASAP”

Mississippi Libertarian congressional candidate Ron Williams has a message for the Yankee mayors opposed to Chcik-fil-A’s anti-gay agenda: They “need to be introduced to the

August 03, 2012 Blog

The Last Word On All This Chick-Fil-A Nonsense (UPDATED)

Many people I’ve spoken to feel that both sides have now completely overplayed their hands on this issue. It seems to be the consensus among

August 03, 2012 Blog

Fundamentalist Christian Priorities Seem A Bit At Odds With Their Actual Religious Texts

Long headline, just to set up this little picture:   Ouch

August 02, 2012 Blog

Chick-fil-A and Speech: We Are Free to Say Anything — But Must Deal With The Social Consequences

By David da Silva Cornell In recent days, conservative extremists like Sarah Palin have ranted about how the LGBT and allied boycott of Chick-fil-A purportedly

August 02, 2012 Blog, Opinion
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