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Catholic Homophobia Round-Up: France & Scotland

Last week, I wrote: As each story [about anti-gay actions from the Catholic church] breaks, many of us wonder if there’s any depth to which the Catholic hierarchy

August 06, 2012 Blog

MA Catholic Diocese Backs Out of Real Estate Deal with Gay Couple

Because the leadership of the Catholic Church has emerged as one of the main drivers of homophobic bigotry and primary opponents of LGBT rights —

July 31, 2012 Blog

Vatican Names One Of Their Best Bigots As San Francisco Archbishop

The Huffington Post is calling this a blow to the gay rights movement, but I see it as a church that is slowly but surely

July 30, 2012 Blog

Marriage Equality Coming To Scotland

There have been rumblings lately that this was coming, and it’s great news: Scotland plans to bring forward legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry, making

July 25, 2012 Blog

Vatican in a Snit About Pro-LGBT Progress in Episcopal Church

The Vatican is very, very angry at the Episcopal Church for voting last week to add gender identity and expression to the church’s nondiscrimination laws — thus

July 16, 2012 Blog

Schism on the Horizon in the Catholic Church?

I’ve written extensively about the chasm that exists between American Catholics — a majority of whom support LGBT equality — and the church’s hierarchy, which

July 10, 2012 Blog

Catholic Church in Scotland Declares War on Marriage Equality

Not wanting to be outdone in the alarmist anti-LGBT hysteria department by their Anglican brethren (who threatened last month to disestablish the Church of England from

July 09, 2012 Blog

Another Perspective on Leaving the Catholic Church

Wayne wrote an excellent column this week, arguing that, for Catholics of conscience, now is the time to leave the church behind. Bill Keller of

June 21, 2012 Blog

U.S. Catholic Bishops Again Ignore Pressing Issues, Launch PR Campaign

Remember back in November of last year, when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) held a general meeting in which they ignored issues

June 15, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Anti-Gay New York Archbishop Gave Payouts to Pedophile Priests in Milwaukee

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, head of the Archdiocese of New York and president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, is a major player in

June 01, 2012 Blog, Opinion
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