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Bryan Fischer Says Having A Gay Sibling Is Like Having A Sibling Who Robs Banks

Bryan Fischer thinks he has more moral authority on the gay issue than the Cheney family

July 18, 2013 Opinion

Bryan Fischer Does Not Like That New Yorker Cover, Not One Bit

Also, he does not know which one is Bert and which one is Ernie

June 28, 2013 Opinion

Bryan Fischer Has Completely Sane Conspiracy Theory About Secret Gay-Mormon Alliance

I don't know how Bryan figured it out, but I guess we'll have to come up with a new plan

May 28, 2013 Opinion

Predictable Wingnuts Say Predictable Things About Jason Collins

Wingnut commentary on Jason Collins is awful, but it's a predictable, boring kind of awful

April 30, 2013 News

La La La, Jennifer Roback Morse Can’t Hear You

And if she closes her eyes, we all disappear

April 22, 2013 Opinion

Boy Scouts May Allow Openly Gay Members

No word on allowing gay leaders, but a step in the right direction

April 19, 2013 News

Bryan Fischer Says ‘Homofascists’ Will Force Bigots To Wear Patches

Surprise, Bryan Fischer said something hysterical and weird

April 12, 2013 Opinion

AFA’s Bryan Fischer Endorses Exorcisms On The David Pakman Show

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer runs the GOP. He also supports exorcisms for LGBT people.

November 19, 2012 News
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