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Truth Wins Out Slams The American Family Association For Offensive Remarks Against Native Americans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Wayne Besen, Phone: 917-691-5118 E-mail: Companies Should No Longer Pay Attention to Boycott Threats From Certified Hate Group BURLINGTON, Vt.

February 09, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Bryan Fischer Says Native Americans Have No Right To American Land, Because They Rejected Christianity

I think it’s fair, based on Bryan Fischer’s latest piece, to go ahead and label him a White Supremacist. In all the discussions about the

February 08, 2011 Blog

Bryan Fischer Again Exposes Fear Of Gays, Showers, Showering Gays, Etc.

It is the first time this has happened since the last time he was on the computer, so obviously we are dealing with breaking news:

February 07, 2011 Blog

Apologize To Scott Lively? Heavens, No

Peter LaBarbera, Bryan Fischer, Matt Barber, and the rest of the usual suspects, are triumphantly asking for apologies from the mainstream media and gay activists

February 03, 2011 Blog

Bryan Fischer Wants Sodomy Recriminalized

Never forget this about anti-gay wingnuts: they want nothing more than to control the sexual activity of all people, at all times. They hilariously think

February 02, 2011 Blog

Rep. Jack Kingston, Wingnut Of Georgia, Runs Crying to Bryan Fischer

Wingnuts live in their own world, and they do better when they’re talking to each other, because there, in their echo chamber, no one is

February 01, 2011 Blog

Bryan Fischer vs. Reality: HUD Edition

The thing about wingnuts is that everything they disagree with is, in their minds, endowed with superpowers and possibly capable of bringing about the very

January 26, 2011 Blog

Tim Pawlenty Working to Reach Coveted Hate Group Demographic

Media Matters has a question for wannabe Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty: In light of Fischer’s history of outrageous rhetoric and penchant for pushing known

January 13, 2011 Blog

Bryan Fischer Says Homosexuality Is Offensive to God’s Nostrils

Kyle at Right Wing Watch put together a hilarious compilation of Bryan Fischer’s latest ten minute rant against gayness.  Enjoy! Bryan’s kind of a one-trick

January 03, 2011 Blog

I Hope Bryan Fischer Has a Merry Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Bryan Fischer was crying and hiding under stuff because he thought he saw a gay

December 23, 2010 Blog
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