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Louis Marinelli Brings NOM Down to Size

The other day, we reported on Louis Marinelli, who used to run the social media and bus-touring departments of the National Organization for Marriage, and

April 11, 2011 Blog

Rejected by the Supreme Court, NOM Will Beg Congress To Help Them Hurt Gay Families in DC

These people just never stop, do they? After the Supreme Court issued a collective “whatever” to Bishop Harry Jackson and his whiny appeal to force

January 20, 2011 Blog

A Well Timed History Lesson On Marriage

Stephanie Coontz teaches family history at the Evergreen State College and is the author of “A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at

January 09, 2011 Blog

Are You A Bigot With a Little Extra Holiday Cash?

Then the National Organization for Marriage would be GLAD to take your $$$$$$$$$$$. I mean, really, what part of “Peace on earth, good will to

December 23, 2010 Blog

A Treasury of Wingnut Reactions to AFA & FRC Being Listed as Hate Groups

There’s no good place to start, and I’m coming back after a long weekend which involved my laptop, a mug of coffee being spilled on

November 29, 2010 Blog

Brian Brown’s Definition of ‘Victory’

Jeremy Hooper has outdone himself

November 05, 2010 Blog

Anti-Gay Bus in Iowa Wearing Purple for Bullied Gay Teens?

Ha ha, of course not, but it’s kind of funny that this — dubbed the Judge Bus — is what’s travelling around Iowa right now

October 26, 2010 Blog

Study: Majority of Americans Include Married Gay Couples, Gay Parents in Definition of ‘Family’

Here’s another part of the so-called “culture wars” that we’ve won: A majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with

September 15, 2010 Blog

QOTD – Jeremy Hooper

Re:  The abysmally, hilariously low numbers on every single stop of Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown’s Great Big Road Trip of Hate, Jeremy at Good

August 11, 2010 Blog

Haters, Hating [An Entertaining Round-up of Anti-Gay Reactions to the Prop 8 Decision]

Wingnuts, rapid fire! Michelle Malkin: The decision from Judge Vaughn Walker is no surprise if you watched his show trial antics over the last several

August 04, 2010 Blog
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