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Sick: East Texas NBC Affiliate Asks Viewers ‘Will Acceptance of Gays Destroy America’?

I know the place where this video comes from, and well. We’re getting a lot of reminders today that, even in the 21st century, with

October 27, 2010 Blog

Bishop Spong Unleashes Epic Manifesto

UPDATE: Commenter Gary points out that this is about a year old.  This is what happens when this particular blogger writes words on the internet

October 27, 2010 Blog

Wait, Is Gary Glenn Saying MI Candidate Toni Sessoms Is Gay?

This is hilarious, in terms of the extreme desperation the Religious Right is starting to show toward all things gay.  It’s a robo-call from Gary

October 26, 2010 Blog

Anti-Gay Bus in Iowa Wearing Purple for Bullied Gay Teens?

Ha ha, of course not, but it’s kind of funny that this — dubbed the Judge Bus — is what’s travelling around Iowa right now

October 26, 2010 Blog

A Former Bigot Tells His Story

Bigots:  It gets better, but you have to choose a better lifestyle. Mark Osler, a law professor at the University of St. Thomas, has a

October 26, 2010 Blog

Catching Up With Peter LaBarbera

Let’s start out our week with something light and fun, i.e. checking in with Peter LaBarbera’s last few posts to see who/what has him all

October 25, 2010 Blog

Instead of Correcting His Homophobic WaPo Lies, Tony Perkins Yells at GLAAD

Shorter Tony Perkins:  “I know gays are, but what am I?!?!?!” In the above link, Alvin McEwen details how, after facing the proper backlash from

October 22, 2010 Blog

Human Rights Activist: ‘Homophobia is a Death Sentence’

I’ve noted before that the way that anti-gay religious figures behave in the United States is moderated by the fact that we live in a

October 21, 2010 Blog

Responding to Albert Mohler

The other day, Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote a grotesque piece about the spate of gay teen suicides we’ve been

October 21, 2010 Blog

Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Does His Greatest Hits for David Pakman

Gordon Klingenschmitt is crazy.  Like, LaBarbera crazy.  All you need to know is that he comes from that brand of Christianity which teaches that you

October 21, 2010 Blog
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