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Mormon Church Tinkering With What Is And Is Not A Sin, Re: Gayness

My favorite thing about when churches change their minds, even slightly, on the subject of church teachings or sin or whatever else, they always move

November 12, 2010 Blog

If Survey Results on DADT Don’t Show Bigotry, FRC Assumes They’re Wrong

These people really do live in a fantasy world. The Pentagon study on DADT repeal has shown, according to early reports, that most troops don’t

November 05, 2010 Blog

Ugandan Anti-Gay Law Not Shelved, By Any Means

Viciously anti-gay Ugandan MP David Bahati says it still will become law: The member of the Ugandan Parliament behind a controversial “anti-gay” bill that would

October 28, 2010 Blog

Sick: East Texas NBC Affiliate Asks Viewers ‘Will Acceptance of Gays Destroy America’?

I know the place where this video comes from, and well. We’re getting a lot of reminders today that, even in the 21st century, with

October 27, 2010 Blog

Linda Harvey and Other Religious Right Leaders Still in Damage Control Mode

As well they should be. No, scratch that.  If they had any decency in their hearts or humility in their bones, they would be on

October 27, 2010 Blog

Augusta KKK Rally for Jennifer Keeton a Bust

A bunch of bigots got together in the Deep South to rally in support of a girl and her pet anti-gay bigotry, and they were

October 25, 2010 Blog

Louis Marinelli: Marriage Equality Won’t Be Real Because Some People Will Still Be Bigots

I’m not sure whose point Louis Marinelli of NOM affiliate is trying to make here, or if he’s making our case more effectively than

October 25, 2010 Blog

Human Rights Activist: ‘Homophobia is a Death Sentence’

I’ve noted before that the way that anti-gay religious figures behave in the United States is moderated by the fact that we live in a

October 21, 2010 Blog

It’s Really Gross when Anti-Gay Bigots Use MLK, Jr.’s Image to Support Discrimination

Talk about co-opting the message of a Civil Rights hero… The following ad is running for Tom Emmer’s campaign in Minnesota.  It’s put out by

October 18, 2010 Blog

Minnesota Family Council’s Tom Prichard Still Petulantly Opposes Real Anti-Bullying Programs

I wrote the other day about the grotesque words of one Tom Prichard, of the Minnesota “Family” Council [sic], who essentially blames the victims in

October 15, 2010 Blog
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