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Herman Cain Blocks Ears, Closes Eyes, Embraces “Ex-Gay” Lies

Herman Cain with CNN’s Piers Morgan (h/t: Rex Wockner) On issues from evolution to climate change, the members of the GOP presidential class of 2012

October 20, 2011 Blog

Anti-Gay Bigotry Gone Overboard: Pastor Fired for Posting Article About DADT on Facebook

John Shore has this story for us, and it is absolutely insane. Here’s the basic set-up. A pastor at a relatively large church, who had

October 14, 2011 Blog

UPDATE: Green Bay City Council Again Bullies LGBT Workers

Many of you might remember my article last week about the state of the LGBT community in my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and how

October 05, 2011 Blog

Assaulted At Church For the Crime of Being Gay

By now, readers are probably familiar with the basic bones of this story. Two Wednesdays ago, Jerry Pittman, Jr., and his boyfriend Dustin Lee were

October 05, 2011 Blog, Press Release

Green Bay City Council Just Loves Beating Up on LGBT Workers

I grew up in Allouez, Wisconsin, one of several suburbs adjacent to the city of Green Bay. Green Bay is a typical medium-sized middle-class city,

September 28, 2011 Blog

Porno Pete Begs TV Network To Hate Gays More

As I’ve said before, when the wingnuts start losing Fox, that really means they’ve lost the war. Porno Pete has a desperate missive on his

September 14, 2011 Blog, Opinion

Man Beaten to Death in Anti-Gay Attack in Bachmann’s Hometown

For the last month, the loons competing for the chance to lose to Barack Obama in next year’s presidential election have been running around Iowa

August 23, 2011 Blog

Tracy Morgan, Who Would Allegedly Stab a Gay Son, Calls Charlie Sheen a Bad Parent

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Tracy Morgan, now facing a firestorm of media criticism after Truth Wins Out broke the story about a disgusting

June 10, 2011 Blog

Truth Wins Out Calls On Comedian Tracy Morgan to Respond to Allegations of Anti-Gay Tirade Onstage at Nashville Show

Publicist Responds to Allegations:  ‘No Comment’ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, June 10, 2011 Contact: Wayne Besen Phone: 917-691-5118 Email: MEMPHIS, TN: — Truth Wins

June 10, 2011 Blog

Tracy Morgan’s Publicist Replies: “No Comment” [UPDATED]

Well, we asked the question. In response to a report that Tracy Morgan allegedly went on an anti-gay rant at his Nashville show on June

June 10, 2011 Blog
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