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New Hospital Visitation Regulations Take Effect

Another one from the Department of Oh, My God, Finally: [N]ew regulations on hospital visits that took effect this week are providing protection for same-sex

January 20, 2011 Blog

Rick Santorum, Racist and Anti-Gay As Ever

What a freakshow Rick Santorum continues to be: In an interview with CNS News on Thursday, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum invoked race in unleashing

January 20, 2011 Blog

Bill Supports Marriage Equality; Barack Is ‘Evolving’; Et tu, Hillary?

In a long interview with Kerry Eleveld about the role Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has played in bringing LGBT equality to the forefront at

January 11, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Here are the other things open in my browser that I didn’t have time to write about today. Read them and write me two pages

January 04, 2011 Blog

Dumpage of the Linkage

Other stuff: 1. Who else should we be thanking for the success of DADT repeal? Steny Hoyer. 2. Some gay rights activists got to go

December 22, 2010 Blog

Video Of Obama Signing DADT Repeal

As Wayne reported earlier, President Obama signed the DADT repeal legislation this morning.  Here’s video if you want to see it. [h/t Lez Get Real

December 22, 2010 Blog

Obama To Sign DADT Repeal Wednesday

By the way, in case you were curious: President Obama is likely to sign the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Wednesday,

December 20, 2010 Blog

Boo Hoo Hoo, 60 Minutes and Barack Obama Make John Boehner Cry!

The next two years are going to be such a joke. It starts getting funny, and by “funny” I mean “is he always drunk?,” around

December 13, 2010 Blog

Barack Obama More Christian Than Oprah and Glenn Beck, According to Protestant Preachers

This is the most pointless survey, and accompanying article, I have ever seen, at least this week. NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Protestant pastors overwhelmingly believe that

December 13, 2010 Blog

Obama Still Doesn’t Get It

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video President Barack Obama still doesn’t get it. The liberals that he derided in

December 10, 2010 Blog
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