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Former British Empire Asked to Mull Blanket Legalization

Australia is leading the charge among Commonwealth nations–a group of 52 countries, most of which were once under British rule–to legalize homosexuality. Homosexuality is illegal

October 25, 2011 Blog

Wingnut Rebecca Hagelin Apparently Will Say Anything to Encourage Hatred of Gays

Some people say that the United States of America doesn’t make anything worthy of exporting to other nations, and this video won’t disabuse them of

August 17, 2011 Blog

Apparently Gays and Atheists Caused the Cyclone in Australia

Good to know! A CONTROVERSIAL church group has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to fall on her knees in prayer in the midst of

February 04, 2011 Blog

Australia’s SBS ‘Dateline’ Reports on Uganda’s Ongoing Antigay Genocide Effort

Over the weekend, SBS “Dateline” in Australia aired a report about those in Uganda who live in fear for their safety due to their opposition

September 07, 2010 Blog

Australian MP Who Claims Gay Parenting Will Increase Abortion Rate Has 200,000 Porn Hits on his Computer

The other day, I wrote about Australian pastor and MP Fred Nile, who made this insane claim opposing adoption rights by gay couples: Addressing the

September 02, 2010 Blog

Australian Pastor: Same Sex Parenting Will Lead to More Abortions

The thesis here, promulgated by Australian pastor Fred Nile, seems to be that pregnant women will be more likely to just have lots of abortions,

August 31, 2010 Blog

‘Pro-family’ Wingnuts Just As Vapid In Australia

Have you ever thought of what it might be like if Wendy Wright had an Australian accent? Did you wake up from that night terror

August 17, 2010 Blog

Australian Catholic Exorcist: ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ Open The Door to the Devil’s Influence

Wait, Twilight? The vapid crap written by the Mormon lady with the misspelled name about how women should pine over men who mistreat them, who

March 25, 2010 Blog

VIDEO: Australians Warn of Grave Harm done by Ex-Gay Fraud

Australian former ex-gays explain on national television how U.S. evangelicals and their Australian affiliates sought to damage them, their spirituality, and their families. You need

February 24, 2010 Blog

Calling All Australian Ex-Gay Survivors

Guest post by Anthony Venn-Brown Celebrate together in Sydney’ Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras People who are same-sex-orientated often feel societal and family pressures to

February 09, 2010 Blog
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