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The Catholic Orthodoxy Police Strike Again

Here we go again. The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento has decided to de-fund Francis House, a local nonprofit agency serving

March 08, 2012 Blog

Two Boxes of Samoas and an Abortion, Please

Of all the insidious political groups in this country, the Girl Scouts of America are just the worst. Didn’t you know? Here, let some Indiana

February 23, 2012 Blog

More Signs We’ve Won: 71% of College Freshmen Support Marriage Equality

This is how fast the kids are changing, and by “kids,” I mean “new voters replacing old bigots at the polls”: First-year college students are

January 26, 2012 Blog

So, Frothy: Are You Saying Some Rapists Are Doing God’s Work?

Yesterday, people were appalled when it was reported that Rick Santorum, a man who holds such grotesque opinions on a host of topics that he

January 24, 2012 Blog

The Rest of Today’s Frothy News

Wayne posted below on how much Rick Santorum, AKA Ol’ Frothy Mix, loves earmarks. Also, the following things happened today involving the world’s most pathetic

January 16, 2012 Blog

TWO Special Report: The Call Detroit – A Slick Political Rally Disguised As a Religious Revival

Truth Wins Out’s acclaimed Center Against Religious Extremism (TWOCARE), offers original, in-depth, and on-site reporting. “Please, come join us,” insisted an attractive college student flashing

November 19, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Last Night’s Smackdown, Brought to You by the Democratic Party

Wayne wrote this morning about last night’s victories for openly gay candidates around the country, which is fantastic. It was even more than that, though.

November 09, 2011 Blog

Personhood Amendment Rejected by 55% of Voters; Fails

Phew. I doubt this’ll be the last we see of this proposal, though. It will probably continue to pop up on state ballots for a

November 09, 2011 Blog

Mississippians Voting Today on Whether Blastocysts, Embryos and Fetuses are Legally Human

The vote is today. If you haven’t been following the progress of Mississippi’s proposed personhood amendment, which would grant fertilized eggs as well as embryos

November 08, 2011 Blog

Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment and the American Family Association [UPDATED]

Occasionally it’s good to check in and see what our favorite anti-gay hate groups are up to when they’re not hating gay people. Lest we

October 26, 2011 Blog
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