The Right’s Tom Cruise

By Wayne Besen For nearly six years, Richard Cohen was the Tom Cruise of the so-called “ex-gay” movement. His book, Coming Out Straight, was all

April 04, 2007 Blog

Mohler’s Slippery Slope

By Wayne Besen If it were discovered that homosexuality had a biological basis, it would be morally acceptable for a mother to use a hormonal

March 21, 2007 Blog

The Problem, in A Fundamental Nutshell: ‘Is Your Baby Gay?’

By Lynne Duke Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, March 18, 2007; D01 Pity the poor fetus. There’s a lot coming its way. And now there’s

March 18, 2007 News

Ex-Gay John Paulk Caught In the Act

Wayne Besen has been exposing the “ex-gay” myth for many years and in this funny but yet sad clip recalls finding an “ex-gay” leader at

March 18, 2007 Scandals, Videos

TWO Condemns Florida Lawmaker For Telling Gay Students Lobbying For Anti-Bullying Bill That They Need Psychological Therapy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Incident Highlights How Dangerous “Ex-Gay’ Message Influences Legislation, says TWO Miami Beach, FLA. — Truth Wins Out called on a Florida lawmaker

March 16, 2007 Press Release

TWO Assails Southern Baptist Convention Leader For Promoting ‘Final Solution’ For Gay People

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rev. Albert Mohler’ Views Are Dangerous and Culturally Myopic, says TWO Miami Beach, FLA. — Truth Wins Out expressed outrage today with

March 16, 2007 Press Release

TWO Launches New Website Urging Scientists To Report Right Wing Distortions Of Research

“’ Leads New Trend Where Top Researchers Speak Out To Stop Manipulation of Science For Political Gain Miami Beach, FLA. — Truth Wins Out unveiled

February 26, 2007 Press Release

Swatting Flies in a Manure Field

By Wayne Besen I have finally developed a grudging respect for Focus on the Family. The ease in which they lie is so remarkably breathtaking,

February 26, 2007 Blog

LDS Couple Divorces After Husband Can’t ‘Pray Away the Gay’

Lester Leavitt tried to do what the church told him to do. He married Barbara hoping his gay feelings would fade. Instead, they grew stronger

February 20, 2007 Spouses, Videos
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