News Roundup for February 16-18, 2008

Ex-gay activists' friends on the religious right may be worst enemies, where access to public schools is concerned

February 16, 2008 Blog

‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Uses ‘Touch Therapy’ to Abuse Gay Client

Once again, a gay man trying to go from gay to straight was sexually abused under the auspices of “touch therapy.” Such therapy is not

February 15, 2008 Blog, News

Exodus Speaker Promotes Discrimination and Self-Victimization

Meet the Rev. Ken Hutcherson, a hero to ex-gays — and simultaneously, perhaps, one of ex-gays’ worst enemies. Hutcherson is: Featured speaker for the ex-gay

February 14, 2008 Blog

California Student Brain-Dead after Possible Gay-Bashing

Lawrence King, a 15-year-old student whom friends say had been frequently harassed on the basis of his perceived sexual orientation, is now brain-dead after he

February 14, 2008 Blog

Ex-Gay Stephen Bennett Seeks $180,000 in 2008

Ex-gay activist Stephen Bennett has suffered from questionable finances for years — and 2007 was no exception. The longtime professional ex-gay, who has yet to

February 13, 2008 Blog

Nick Cavnar: 30 Years as Ex-Gay

Nick Cavnar spent 30 years as an Ex-Gay. When he finally found the strength to come out, he discovered a warm and friendly community ready

February 13, 2008 Survivors, Videos

Village Voice, 1957: Have Ex-gays Really ‘Changed’?

Well-known since the late 1990s, the ex-gay movement has its roots in stereotypical theories and antigay therapists that date back to the 1880s. By 1957,

February 11, 2008 Blog

Ex-Gay Program Deletes Failures from Its Success Survey

The ex-gay advocacy group People Can Change issued a press release Feb. 7 that distorted the organization’s own survey of a controversial men’s retreat and

February 08, 2008 Blog

Editor of Gay Chilean Website Parrots U.S. Ex-Gay Rhetoric

Like an octopus, the U.S. ex-gay movement weaves its tentacles deep into South America

February 08, 2008 Blog

Ted Haggard’ Inability To Go From Gay To Straight Was Predictable Hopes Haggard Will Come To A Place of Self-Acceptance NEW YORK — said Ted Haggard’ inability to go from gay to straight was

February 07, 2008 News, Press Release
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